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poi altitude



  • Jim McAndrew

    You just set a negative altitude for the Orbit:

    You might want to be careful about how you start such a mission though. You will either need to manually fly over the start location, or plan a destination in front of it that flies at a safe altitude (above takeoff) to get to the start point.

  • zanz ibar

    thank your for your answer Jim.

    Sure I wil be carefull for this type of mission !
    what I want to do is manualy fly to the centre of the poi, register this point, (and altitude). testing the diameter of the circle, and come back

    make another fly by launching an automatic mission (at night) to fly this circle. 
    as there is no way to test dronelink, and it is the only feature I need, I prefer ask....
    (I see the orbit mode on the "premium" "hobbyist" pricing, basic seems to doesn't have this feature)


  • Jim McAndrew

    We don't have free trials.


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