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Waypoint missions



  • Jim McAndrew

    Can we upload a kml or csv files with our waypoints into dronelink?

    Yes, you can import a kml file as a boundary for a map component.

    Can we assign an orbit to every waypoint in the flight

    Dronelink works with components rather than waypoint actions. In this case, you would want to plan an Orbit component for each area of interest and yes, the orbit can be set to capture interval photos. Having said that, if you care about the overlaps, you can use the more advanced, Facade component type, to capture images based on math.

    Can we possibly assign 2 orbits or 2 different photo tasks at every waypoint

    Again, similar to the answer above, you don't use waypoint actions. You can plan as many components per mission plan as you want.

    Or is there another way to take multiple nadir photos at each waypoint?

    It sounds like what you want is to just plan multiple, small map components at each area of interest.



  • Ross Steensland

    Thank you for the response. This certainly sounds promising for our project. I'll dig a little more into the Facade component types especially. 


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