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Dronelink app froze during Follow Me


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  • Jim McAndrew

    Dronelink requires a constant connection to the drone to function. If the RC temporarily loses connection, the drone will come to a hover, and if it stays disconnected then the onboard firmware will automatically initiate RTH. If it connects soon enough, the automatic RTH will not be initiated but the drone will still be in "virtual stick" mode, meaning it will ignore stick inputs. On other drones like the M2 Pro and P4, you simply flip the flight mode switch to S and you immediately get control back. On the Mini, since there is no flight mode switch, you have to long press the hardware RTH button, which will initiate RTH (thus getting the drone out of virtual stick mode), and then you either let the RTH finish, it press the RTH button again to cancel it, at which point you have control. This process is a bit cumbersome (at least for the Mini due to the lack of the flight mode switch) and it is why we include the warning during the follow setup asking if you know how to take control, which is discussed here.


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