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DJI Mini 1 - control cable?



  • Tero

    I am answering to my self here. Hopefully my finding can help somebody with the same problem. Now the connection works fine, nothing wrong with the control cable, I found on the internet an advice, that removing  and formatting the SD card fixes this problem. It seems many users have experienced this same. My Mini flashed red/green back light and nothing worked then. Now all is good  :-)

  • Roger Harris

    Huh, that's a very strange problem! Anyway, if you're still looking for a longer cable, the answer to your question is yes, the cable must be OTG to work properly. Standard USB cables are designed for connecting peripheral  devices to computers, with the computer acting as the "host" controlling the interaction. When your device connects to the RC, however, it needs to be the host, which a standard cable doesn't allow, but an OTG reverses which end of the cable is the host.



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