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Destination with multiple POIs?



  • Jim McAndrew

    This is not supported right now. Moving to feature requests by ultimately it probably won't get implemented, at least in the way described. What is more likely is the Heading component will be updated to allow POIs instead.

  • Scott W

    The ability for Heading and Gimbal components to reference a POI would suffice.  Though it could lead to a lot of repetitive actions and plan maintenance when changing the list of POIs.

    Something that could iterate through the list of POIs would be much more powerful and easier to maintain when POIs were added/changed.  For example (just spit-balling here for the purpose of explaining the functionality desired)... 

    • Perhaps a second "Achieved" event on the Destination component which accepted a List of commands that are iteratively run for each POI in that Destination component.  Those commands would need some way to point the drone/gimbal at the POI, then could include other existing drone and camera commands.
    • Or perhaps a new component type (i.e., "POI List") that contains multiple POIs, and allows a List of commands that executes for each POI, including a way to point drone/gimbal at that POI.  That component could then be added to the plan immediately after a Destination.

    Not looking for a specific implementation, just some way to perform a List of actions (in my case, pointing the drone/gimbal and taking a photo) for each of several defined POIs.


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