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Losing altitude while mapping



  • Jim McAndrew

    At the end of the mission, the aircraft was flying at less than 2m above ground, even though the app still indicated "A 10.0 m" on the screen.

    This appears to be a DJI firmware bug right now, and it affects the Mavic series the worst. We are currently creating a detailed report of the behavior and will let you know if/when DJI has a solution.

    FWIW, we are able to reproduce this same behavior in DJI GO / DJI Fly by just flying around manually on the sticks.

  • Sebastian Sabate

    Thanks for the quick response Jim. This is a(nother) really serious issue from DJI! I'm glad I noticed this while keeping the aircraft in line of sight!
    I hope this is not a way they found to discourage the use of third party apps running virtual sticks!
    Are you aware of any way to reverse the aircraft to previous firmwares?

  • Arizona Wyldwest

    A lot of pilots don’t trust Third Party Firmware but you can do it with Drone-Hacks. I did it once after several DJI mess-ups and I had no issues with the Firmware. It may take some time going over the website to find it and load the program but doesn’t take too long. I wish DJI would go back to the old DJI Assistant 2 which kept the older Firmwares. With all their mess-ups I did it several times in the past. Hope this helps 

    Just some info: The last Firmware update from DJI was way back in January. Version .610. I haven’t noticed any issue with my MA2 and I’ve used it quite a bit with both Fly app and DL. Maybe because I haven’t flown at low altitudes with mapping plans. Usually 100 feet minimum or higher. I’m sure Jim is correct tho.

    Enjoy, Mike……..

  • Sebastian Sabate

    Thank you very much for that info Mike. Ill take a look to it.



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