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Bob Scheffler

Three questions:  1) What is the current version  2) Was there a version change within the 2 or 3 weeks:  3) If there was a version change within the last 2 or 3 weeks can I go back to an older version?





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    full version:



    2.4.0 - 6/26/21
    Added camera focus distance command
    Added camera focus calibration widget
    Added description and tags to list items
    Added corrupt content error messages
    Added gimbal orientation indicator (iOS)
    Updated to reset all offsets on function / mission unloaded and drone disconnected
    Updated offsets to apply even when hidden
    Removed command delays except camera mode
    Removed abort option while mission engaged
    Corrected onscreen keyboard issues in embedded web views
    Corrected delayed loading indicators with slow network connections
    Corrected device location issues in embedded web views (Android)
    2.3.1 - 6/14/21
    Added edit mission plan menu option
    Updated to not create mission until engaged
    Updated embedded web app to force portrait on small screens
    Updated create button to open immediately to create dialog
    Removed create button from irrelevant tabs
    2.3.0 - 6/1/21
    Added create button
    Added recent missions list
    Added drone model verification
    Added focus mode to facade
    Added account type synchronization with web
    Added command delays
    Added focus ring limits to focus camera command
    Updated navigation menu style
    Updated on the fly styles
    Updated offline and drone connection styles
    Updated tabs to use bottom navigation
    Updated destination to disengage if unable to move for a while
    Updated map to not require gimbal orientation when not capturing
    Updated path to not automatically align the gimbal to zero degrees
    Updated unknown enums to display N/A
    Updated reengagement command logic efficiency
    Updated to not auto focus if not supported in map and facade
    Corrected an issue with infinite loading indicators
    Corrected missing kernel when not logged in
    Corrected network RTK issue
    Corrected an issue with dismissing dashboard while engaging (iOS)
    Corrected an issue with resuming missions from other devices (Android)
    Corrected an issue with smart photos (Android)
    Corrected an issue with interval photo capture markers in mission preview
    Corrected an issue with Dronie path adherence
    2.2.0 - 3/23/21
    Added Mavic Air 2 support
    Added 3D previews
    Added AirSense alerts (iOS)
    Added Camera Focus Ring command
    Added 240fps camera framerate
    Added restriction zone color
    Added dynamic home point to plan settings
    Added function drone marks
    Added function map overlays
    Added verify file created to Facade
    Added segment parity to Facade (any, even, odd)
    Added custom executing message groups
    Updated vertical facade columns to identify when restricted
    Updated C2 on function to be next
    Updated function hero image to start expanded
    Updated to use most recent destination achievement on resume
    Updated gimbal orientation to verify completion
    Updated camera stop capture to verify completion
    Updated camera capture button to indicate focusing
    Updated functions to jump to summary on load previous inputs
    Updated mission resume logic to handle destinations with POIs
    Updated mission resume logic when navigating to lower altitudes
    Updated to center map on drone located
    Updated to center map on drone marked in function
    Updated remote controller detection handling
    Updated to suppress the aircraft encoder error
    Corrected an issue with rendering vertical facade estimates
    Corrected an issue with facade pathing between narrow vertical columns
    Corrected an issue with detecting multiple cameras
    Corrected several memory leaks
    2.1.0 - 2/9/21
    Added Inspection component
    Added import to new component menu
    Added scripting to plans and components
    Added Photo Type to Facade
    Added additional camera file verification logic
    Added required component failure mode
    Added avoidance motion priority to restriction zones
    Added restriction zones to 2D maps
    Added user interface settings plan editor
    Added altitude continuity switch to plan editor
    Added final radius to circle facades
    Added left/right to drone position offsets
    Added cancel subscription button
    Added support center warning to failed login
    Added Forgot Password link to native app login
    Added C1 and C2 to funcs (Android)
    Added histogram (Android)
    Added function image url pre-caching (Android)
    Added drone and camera offsets (Android)
    Updated simulated drone icon to show above everything
    Updated Destination to resume from the destination
    Updated Destination to snap to gimbal orientation
    Updated to support dynamic execute interval (per OS and per drone type)
    Updated restriction zone algorithm to use shortest path
    Updated mission previewer timeline to allow panning and zooming
    Updated restriction zones to affect vertical facades
    Corrected an issue with gimbal free commands
    Corrected several issues with RTK connection
    Corrected an issue with loading corrupt missions
    Corrected several app hangs / crashes (Android)
    Corrected an issue with spot metering target taps (Android)
    2.0.0 - 12/22/20
    Added flight modes:
    - Follow
    - Focus
    - Orbit
    Added commands:
    - Drone home location
    - Camera video type
    Added export all to function input summary
    Added import inputs on function test
    Added jump to summary on function test
    Added function intro images
    Added import kml map layer
    Added function image url pre-caching (iOS)
    Removed automatic capture option from plan settings
    Updated to automatically switch to P mode on Mavic Mini
    Updated to auto-download on-the-fly functions
    Corrected an issue causing the video preview to lag (iOS)
    Corrected an issue with resuming large missions
    Corrected an issue with detecting the drone serial number (iOS)
    Corrected an issue with gimbal free yaw commands
    Corrected an issue where maps would miss the first few images
    1.7.3 - 10/23/20
    Updated default map type to 2D (iOS)
    Added network RTK configuration (iOS)
    Added SkyWatch integration
    Added automatic disengage on max altitude and max distance
    Added warning for large maps with terrain follow in issue detector
    Corrected an issue with camera FOV not updating
    Corrected UI issues with RTL locales (Android)
    Corrected an issue causing with Mapbox to crashing (Android)
    Corrected an issue causing the app to crash on users with tasks
    Corrected an issue with black status bar text (iOS)
    Corrected an issue with aborting and reloading a plan
    Corrected an issue preventing log file creation (Android)
    1.7.2 - 10/2/20
    Updated to support Google Play distribution
    Updated to DJI SDK 4.13.1
    Added Pix4D Cloud integration
    Added tabbed interface with repositories list
    Added search for plans, functions, and repositories
    Added floating action button for flight dashboard
    Updated to save map type selection (iOS)
    Corrected an issue with AE Lock command (Android)
    Corrected an issue with the video preview positioning (Android)
    1.7.1 - 8/18/20
    Added Mavic Mini to camera specifications
    Removed email verification requirement
    Removed DroneLogbook integration
    Updated unit system to persist across the web and native app
    Added focus command to map components
    Added uploader
    Corrected an issue with gimbal alignment on all Phantom 4 models
    Updated to deactivate virtual stick on drone connection
    1.7.0 - 7/31/20
    Updated to DJI SDK 4.13 (Mavic Mini support)
    1.6.2 - 7/23/20
    Added map markers for marked drone locations during functions
    Updated the function wizard layout
    Updated legacy device warning to show only once
    Added configurable registration duration and mission tracking for apps
    Added roll trim to offsets
    Added camera command:
    - Video caption
    Added gimbal command:
    - Yaw simultaneous follow
    Updated offsets to use RC inputs
    Updated camera focus reengagement timing to destination
    Corrected an issue with reengagement path synchronization
    Corrected an issue with zero altitude on KML import for maps
    1.6.1 - 6/22/20
    Added task assignment for associated users
    Updated tasks to pull latest content when online
    Corrected an issue with unterminated automatic captures
    Corrected an issue causing the previewer to run slowly
    Corrected an issue preventing reengagement after off course
    Corrected eager map context menu on mobile
    Updated estimate to respect automatic capture
    Added drone takeoff location to mission page
    Updated to default to 3D maps for modern iOS devices only
    Corrected an issue with execute delay strikes not triggering
    Corrected an issue with map resizing
    Corrected altitude drop after precision takeoff
    Added legacy iOS device warning
    Added experimental support for Parrot Anafi
    Added support for command only missions (no takeoff)
    Updated mission content to use storage
    Added better support for gimbal free mode
    Corrected an issue that would allow repository creation for non-members
    Added lens details
    1.6.0 - 5/28/20
    Removed left/right buttons on position offset dialog
    Updated mission to ignore initial destination progress on resume
    Updated to allow account creation without email verification
    Added confirm email and removed confirm password on register
    Disabled creating repositories and plans/components/functions on inactive accounts
    Corrected an issue causing no upgrade message on Android
    Corrected an issue with invalid accounts after failed credit card
    Corrected an issue preventing copying plans and components
    Added drone offset altitude continuity for plans
    Added battery percent to drone data
    Added function input extension to link with drone coordinate reference
    Added user interface settings to plans and functions
    - Retical Visible
    - Drone Offsets Visible
    - Mission Details Expanded
    Added cached inputs for functions
    Added plan reengagement confirmation message / instructions
    Corrected an issue preventing account creation after payment failure
    1.5.0 - 5/11/2020
    Updated pricing plans
    Added image URL to functions
    Added 3D map
    Corrected an issue with stale accounts in the native app
    Added user task list on profile
    Added image url to web functions
    Added existing and new user options to accept team invite
    Added null variable value type
    Added os to device info
    Added user icon to mission review screen
    Added subtitles to mission details
    Updated to DJI SDK 4.12
    Added 2 second delay to camera stop capture for video
    1.4.0 - 4/17/2020
    Added change name and email on profile
    Updated send email to open new tab
    Added No SD card warning on drone connected
    Updated mission control to use activity indicators
    Corrected an issue when creating reengagements without a drone connected
    Added camera specifications:
    - Zenmuse XT
    - Zenmuse XT2 (RGB)
    - Zenmuse XT2 (Thermal)
    Corrected tasks and account and back button
    Updated to add task tags to the resulting plan or func
    Updated asset manifest to include plan and func tags
    Updated functions to dismiss if error on first dynamic input
    Updated function syntax validation error handling
    Updated serialization to have error callback
    Updated commands to only run if needed
    Updated commands to not fail if product is not supported
    Added camera commands:
    - Auto lock gimbal
    - Mechanical shutter
    Added drone commands:
    - Max distance limitation
    - Serious low battery warning threshold
    - Return home obstacle avoidance
    - Return home remote obstacle avoidance
    - Smart return home
    - Precision landing
    - Landing protection
    - Vision assisted positioning
    - Collision avoidance
    - Upwards avoidance
    Added app URL scheme support
    Updated to not takeoff if plan has no motion components
    Added drone heading and gimbal orientation to destination component
    Corrected simulated drone camera FOV on first load
    Added component ordinal tooltip in navigator
    Added reverse facade boundary points
    Added automatic capture to all components (except map and facade)
    Added drone heading to map component
    Added change location to functions
    Added transform controls to lists
    1.3.0 - 3/24/2020 - 1.3.0
    Updated issue detector badge to exclude info level
    Added function input details to summary
    Added camera commands:
    - Metering mode
    - Spot metering target
    Corrected issue allowing multiple flight dashboards on iOS
    Added dual-view for offsets on tablets
    Added tasks
    Added asset tracking sessions
    Added reengagement path on map
    Updated to automatically use mission reference for offset reference
    Updated offset reference buttons to disabled during mission execution
    Added POI to Destination and Orbit
    Added restriction zones
    Added disengage component type
    Updated offsets views
    Corrected an issue with rough corners in Facade with polygon boundary
    Updated to DJI SDK 4.11.2
    Updated dependencies
    1.2.0 - 2/25/2020 - 1.2.0
    Added facade component
    Added suggested tags for asset sources
    Added component end point markers
    Updated orbit and path to use approachable alignment
    Approximate estimates in the component navigator
    Disabled export in safari
    Added mission totals
    Save full mission progress every 30 secs
    Added Functions
    Updated to use precision takeoff when available
    Added On The Fly Functions
    Added Drone Commands
    - Landing Gear Deploy
    - Landing Gear Retract
    - Landing Gear Automatic Movement
    Updated to respect hardware pause button
    Added obstacle distance to drone state
    Added real-time offsets
    - EV
    - Yaw
    - Altitude
    - Coordinate
    Stopped saving full mission progress every 30 secs
    Corrected an issue preventing re-engagement after app crashes
    Corrected an issue causing premature device too slow disengagements
    Corrected an issue causing negative areas to be display for map sizes
    Added Exposure Compensation Step Command
    Added coordinate and altitude to asset manifest camera files
    Added orientation and metadata to asset manifest camera files
    Updated missions and devices with kernel version
    Updated devices with build number
    Updated landing gear deploy command timeout to 7 seconds
    Added Dronelink xmp to camera file metadata
    Added position reference buttons
    Save full mission progress every 60 secs
    Added measurement types
    Updated alignment to work with path markers with headings
    Optimized reengagement command tracking
    Added gimbal reset to drone offets view
    Added camera focus command
    Added dark mode support
    Added capture count to estimate summary
    1.1.1 - 1/2/2020
    KML/KMZ Import
    Litchi import
    AGL / Terrain follow
    Use device GPS altitude for drone takeoff altitude
    Added rotation component
    Added area estimate to map component
    Enabled rotational velocity control to avoid jerky yaw movements
    Updated simulation max rotational speed
    Corrected gimbal drift
    1.0.2 - 10/2/2019
    Corrected app termination on launch on iOS 13
    1.0.1 - 9/28/2019
    KML Export
    Corrected error processing for payment failures
    Added gimbal pitch reference
    Updated simulated drone to handle negative altitudes (above takeoff)
    Added rotations input to Orbit
    Mavic 2 Pro HQ for sim drone
    Transfer account ownership
    Leave account
    Update join team workflow to redirect after register / login / switch
    Added re-take tour buttons
    Added focus mode and auto exposure to iOS flight dashboard
    Corrected an issue with -90 gimbal pitch on some drones
    Allow speeds below 1.3 mph in Orbit and Path
    1.0.0 - 9/12/2019
    Initial release!

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    Bob Scheffler

    I didn't realize how many changes there were, but no matter what version (full or Beta) I download it does not work like the older version

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    Jacob Kirk

    For Parrot Anafi, when using DroneLink I can take off using the controllers button (up and down arrow below the RTH button. I can fly the drone with controls, but the camera will not work. Is this a none issue or is something else up? I am using an iphone with iOS 14.8.1


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