Closeup of a runner's face

Bill Lott

I've been asked to video the face of a runner for about 15 seconds (flying as closely as possible to their face to capture their facial expressions) and then gradually rise above and continue to film them passing under me.

AS I'm concerned with trying to manually fly such a mission that is so speed critical, my thought was to create a mission to set the speed , direction, and height.

I'd like to create a mission that begins with a hover at face height for about 15 seconds to allow the runner to get into position.  Then fly a backwards mission with the Mavic2 Pro at say 7 or 8 mph and allow the runner to follow the drone and set their pace to match the speed of the drones.  That way the runner can pace themselves to a comfortable distance from the drone.  

Any thoughts or suggestions to make this the most productive shoot possible?






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    Raffaello Di Martino IZ0QWM

    I enjoyed planning a mission like the one you imagined.
    First of all, you need a long, straight road.
    Marker 1 is used to position the drone so that it faces the beginning of the road.
    Marker 2 will disengage in order to stop the drone in the air, waiting for the runners to start.
    As soon as they are in the frame, you will press play and the drone will go backwards to marker 3 where it will slow down and rise to about 4m.
    Runners will pass under faster.

    The things to try are:

    •  height of the drone I imagined at 2.5m with a gimbal tilt of -1
    •  the cruising speed
    •  the slowed one to make it overtake.

    The link:

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    Bill Lott

    This is awesome.


    Thank you so much for sharing.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and I can give it a try.



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    Pål Sneve Prestbakk

    Sounds awesome, did you get to try this out? I want to do a similar shot over a snowmobile. Can one fly the job manually once, let’s say at slow speed, record the path and job, then edit the job ?


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