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Option to Print a Plan.



  • Jim McAndrew

    Can you add some details about what you would like to see on the print out?

  • Ron Phipps

    Maybe if you could print out a flight plan with altitude and heading, it can be used when requesting a permit from the local govt agency? That is my guess why we could use it. 


  • James DeAngelo

    I kinda dropped off this for a while getting into RC Aircraft but was hoping there might be some action on this request in the mean time.  Was anything released to print a plan?  I am not seeing it yet.  

    Why Needed: For me seeing a list of all the steps involved with the plan/mission will help me get a better grasp on the overall structure as well as debugging what I'm missing in the detail level.  I may only look at it as a pdf but this requires a print capability.  

    Any thoughts if and/or when this might be available?



  • Jim McAndrew

    It isn't going to happen any time soon (probably ever).

    If you want to see a serialized list of components, click this button:


    Otherwise, run the mission preview and look at the timeline.


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