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Few questions regarding Android app.



  • Jim McAndrew
    1. We don't really do "release dates" or even estimates of when certain features will be available. Our philosophy is "it will be ready when it is done" and we don't like to rush things - we prefer to do it right. Is there a particular reason you want to know when the next version of the android app will be available (other than you are hoping it will include the features mentioned below)?
    2. This issue has been discussed at length in many other threads like this one. The short answer is, this is a bug in the DJI UX SDK, and we are waiting for them to fix it, or if it takes them too long we may eventually prioritize writing our own work-around.
    3. Already being tracked here.
    4. Added here.

    Feel free to upvote the trello board items.

  • addam Friend

    1. I totally get the "Done when it is done" attitude, and respect that. The main reason is the black box covering screen I would like to see gone, and yes I was hoping it would be in a next update.

    2. I would honestly say any amount of time is too long for such a thing, if it can be fixed that is. As that person says it does spoil the experience somewhat, and to be frank looks ugly. All other apps appear to be using a full display. If a workaround would not be too time consuming, please consider that. 
    Does not spoil it enough to want a refund like he did though lol, not by a longshot. He'll regret that if he did.

    3. Thanks! upvoted

    4. Thanks! upvoted

    I will look through and upvote some things.

    Thank you Jim!

  • Jim McAndrew

    If you want the fastest solution to the grey box issue, try using an iOS device :)


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