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Need some Clarification on DJI refresh covering crashes with DroneLink



  • Eric Goldstein


    See this article: 

    I'm probably going to do a quick video tomorrow on this only because this seems to come up every 30 minutes or so with false information.  

    Hope that helps.

    In any case - fly smart and fly safe..



  • Matthew P CASWELL

    Thanks, I'll crosspost that link in the Mini FB group because the general consensus that is preached is that it WILL VOID the refresh warranty claims.



  • Peter Duffy

    Yes, please do a quick video.  Especially with regards DJI Care refresh (Not warranty).  The Dronelink App would have millions more customers if there was full clarification.  Thank you.

  • Matthew P CASWELL

    Thats the key.. does dji REFRESH cover the drone if DroneLink was the software operating the drone. Thats the hangup because you reference that "if it was hardware related, DJI will cover it".  With refresh, it doesn't matter if it's hardware, or if I step on it or it crashes. As long as we have the drone they will cover it.

    Please clarify so we can get more users to test and help this great software grow the market!


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