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Mapping recommended speed



  • soeren

    Oops, you still didn't get a reply?
    I planned a mapping mission for my Mavic Air at the same altitude:

    Of course you would get the sharpest images if the drone stops while it captures them – so I tried to find a compromise:
    The drone should not move more than the Ground Sample Distance during the exposure time.

    After some calculation – unfortunately I can't write down a formula here – I ended up with 5 - 6 km/h when the exposure time is 1/100 second. Since the image resolution of your M2P is higher, maybe you even would have to fly a little bit slower.
    But I am not really experienced, so I hope you will get more comments...

  • Antonio Jose Sinoga

    Thanks for your kind reply, Soeren.

    I will start with 5km/h and 1/120 exposure time and let's see how is going on.

  • Jim Garner

    Curious to see what you found!
    I am new to DroneLink, so learning as I go.
    But I have a M2P and wondered if the Max Speed is where you are setting this or deeper in the hierarchy?


  • Antonio Jose Sinoga


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