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Video a little bit jerky during orbit



  • Jim McAndrew

    Unlike DJI GO and most other flight apps, Dronelink runs on your mobile device and not onboard the aircraft:

    This gives Dronelink many distinct advantages over those competing flight controllers, but the one disadvantage is Dronelink has to account for the latency between the RC and the drone, where the other, onboard flight controllers do not. Your choices to get around this limitation are:

    1. Slow the Orbit down (recommended)
    2. Upgrade to a drone with a better connection system (OcuSync 2)
    3. Upgrade to a larger drone or a drone with an independent gimbal system (Inspire, M series, etc)
  • soeren

    Hi Jim,

    many thanks for your quick response. I'll try some other missions with reduced speed during an orbit...


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