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Dronelink and Crystalsky



  • Jim McAndrew

    The google play services errors are unlikely to be fixed as the root cause is out of our control, and the app will not be removing the google play services dependency any time soon (our entire backend depends on it).

    Not running DJI GO simultaneously is standard on any Android device, and across all flight apps (litchi, etc).

    On the unable to takeoff errors, if you takeoff first does the error go away? We did introduce a new flow to attempt a precision takeoff first (and then fall back to a normal takeoff if that fails). Wondering if the crystal sky in particular doesn't like it for some reason.

    In the end, the Crystalsky is an outdated version of Android running on underpowered hardware, with necessary nerfs in place (lack proper support for google play store, etc). We try to support it as best as we can, but most/all of the issues you are talking about are out of our control. If you have an iPad, that will be a vastly better experience.

  • Eric Solomon

    Thanks for the thorough response, Jim. I was afraid this would be the case. My only suggestion then would be to make it clear in the marketing materials, install instructions and FAQ that while Dronelink can be installed on the CS it is not recommended for all the reasons you've pointed out.

    I'll have to try taking off first and see if I get a different result. Will let you know if I do.

    Unfortunately, using the iPad isn't a good option for my specific use case. I do a lot of my work in the Arctic and the CS has important advantages over the iPad when flying at low temperatures. Battery charge is significantly reduced and while I can carry multiple CS batteries I can't carry multiple iPads. Nor can I easily keep the iPad inside my parka to keep it warm the way I can with CS batteries. During the spring, conditions can also be super bright and white and the CS screen is much easier to see as well. I get that the CS issues are largely out of your control and I'll keep messing with it as long as my patience permits but Dronelink might not be a reliable option for my very specific needs.

    It's clear that you guys are working your asses off to build and grow a product that solves a whole range of challenges for drone users. Thanks for the work you're doing.

  • Jim McAndrew

    We could post some stuff about it, but it isn't really specific to Dronelink (most other apps like Litchi) suffer from the same thing and I think this fact has been pretty well established in the drone community (other forums, etc) for quite a while. DJI monitors are definitely not optimized for this use case.


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