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Carlos Orozco

New to the drone community and I was trying to get a time-lapse of the yard at work. every time that I do and import everything into Adobe Premiere it looks like the camera jerks back and fourth. I tried to look at other posts to see if anyone had similar issues and I really did not see anything. 

Here are my settings if anyone could help out thank you!




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    Barry Houldsworth Dronelink Expert Dronelink Expert

    A couple of things.

    First, your list of camera commands needs to be before the orbit, they are only happening after the orbit is complete at the moment.

    I don't see anything wrong with the orbit.  But if it is jerky then you might want to try a few different things

    a.  A faster device always helps.  Orbits are one of the most difficult things to do for the system.

    b.  If you have an older drone then converting the onboard waypoints will certainly help.  Note that this is not available in all place.

    c.  If you have a video that is jerky, this technique can help smooth things out in post https://youtu.be/ByQxkxhzUJE

    BTW - here is a playlist covering all of the orbit functions that you might find useful https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK_joCFfIhJ8ngTnM8YUUXqmO7zM7QFOh



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