Camera Mode Invalid Phantom 4 Advanced

Dear Support Service,

I recently upgraded my DroneLink account to the Elite plan to enable mission execution with my Phantom 4 Advanced drone. However, upon connecting to the mobile application, I encountered an issue with the camera functionality.

When attempting to capture photos, an error message stating 'Camera Mode Invalid' appears, and in the Gimbal tab, I receive the notification 'gimbal disconnected'. It's worth noting that the drone itself operates normally, and I can view the camera feed without any issues using the DJI GO 4 mobile application. However, within the DroneLink DJI application, the camera feed appears as a black screen, indicating a lack of connectivity with the camera.

I kindly request guidance on resolving this issue. If there are specific troubleshooting steps or settings adjustments that can rectify the problem, please provide them.

If a resolution cannot be reached, I would appreciate a refund of the subscription fee and a reinstatement of my previous Premium plan.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt assistance.

Dominik Marchowski




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    Mike (Arizona Wyldwest) Dronelink Expert Dronelink Expert

    Hi Dominik. The plan you have whether Premium or Elite doesn’t affect the way it works so there must be something else. If I’m understanding correctly it sounds like you are running a mission but without the camera feed. If you have no live camera feed then the camera isn’t connected and I’m guessing the gimbal errors are due to that as well. So you need to first figure out why your camera isn’t working/connecting. Which device are you using ? Also check all the permissions and ensure they have been granted/ enabled in the DL app. Some of the permissions are related to camera. You may also try deleting the DL app and re-installing it. Check and report back.

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    Jim McAndrew Dronelink Staff

    Even though the drone is able to connect, I would run through these traps:

    If all else fails:


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