Distance photo capture on Waypoint Missions

Mike Liggett

Hi I read a few of the topics related to this question, but not sure if this particular functionality is addressed.  On a waypoint mission, can you stipulate the photo capture based on distrance traveled?  I have a straight line waypoint mission, where I need to take a photo every 5' along this line. 






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    Mike (Arizona Wyldwest) Dronelink Expert Dronelink Expert
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    No. The only way to even get fairly close would be set the camera at the start of mission to the exposure you want and for single capture. Then add a path marker along the path at each location to trigger a start capture. Every 5’ is not much so it will be difficult as the accuracy cannot be that precise for many reasons. You can run the mission preview over and over to make adjustments but difficult. It would take a lot of work and in the end it cannot be that accurate. Another way is to use the On the Fly waypoints and fly it to each location and mark them then add a capture. That will be a lot of work as well because you will need to manually fly to about 5’ and set up each waypoint. Even if you used just the photo component instead if a path and place them close to each other the 5’ would be difficult. The only components which can perform distance based capturing are mapping components. However, that is only available with a professional plan.


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    Damian Grocholski

    +1 for this request. It would be great having possibility to chose photo distance interval in standard waypoints component as well. I'm also expanding this request to orbit component as well (in orbit angle interval of each photo would be more practical)


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