Pass Through Points During Inspection Missions

Hey Gents,  We've been working with Agisoft Mission Planning tools and exporting the resulting cameras tracks to .kml in DJI Pilot format, then using the import function to generate an inspection mission.  Overall its been very successful compared to any other solution we've tried.  However, I wanted to confirm whether there is any way that we can have the flight execute the location, heading, gimbal, and photo command without having to come to a complete stop.   Obviously, this is to provide more battery life.  Thanks




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    Jim McAndrew Dronelink Staff

    Moving to feature requests. Having said that, due to the architecture of this component, it would be difficult to implement and unlikely to happen any time soon. If we did prioritize something like this, it would be a complete rewrite of the component basically.

  • Yes, I can see off the top that it alters (and makes it more risky) to not require the achievements on each inspection point.  I guess if there's any way to provide an alternative to linear interpolate as it moves from one point to another that would be a interesting starting point.  Thanks for the reply Jim!


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