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Battery swap won't restart



  • Jim McAndrew

    It is supposed to resume automatically, but it sounds like your drone / camera is having a hardware error.

  • Bob Staff

    This program in the p4p+ controller has been nothing but a PITA. 5 batteries later and I still can't complete a 30 minute mapping mission. 

    There are no hardware problems. Flies perfectly with the dji app.

    I know you don't like these controllers, but I would recommend dropping it...dont even offer it as an option for these things.

    I accepted a job because it was supposed to work on this controller. 

    I have now lost this job.

    I'll be asking for a refund!

  • Jim McAndrew

    The DJI monitors are definitely a bummer when it comes to automated flight - particularly with virtual stick since it depends so much on the performance of the mobile device. Feel free to email for a refund if it isn't usable for your use case. The DJI monitors are basically good for manual flight and provide good screen brightness. Beyond that they are pretty bad user experience.


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