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  • Arizona Wyldwest

    I ran the mission in Google earth pro and it Looks good to me. It is a corkscrew Orbit obviously so it’s increasing in diameter and rising in altitude. Also the speed is set at the very maximum of 33.6 mph and it hit an actual top speed of 21 mph in one area. Try Slowing it down a bit and see if it helps. Even with the DJI Fly app using Focus Track on an Orbit, it can move off center a small amount. If I run the speed control in the app to a max speed of about 25 mph, it moves off the center more and when slowed down it’s better. There is no way to fly these drones and have them stay exactly perfect on a POI. Too many variables like the drone itself, speed, winds etc. If it’s flying smoothly and keeping the camera on the desired area, then I don’t see how to make it any better then it already is. 

    Other then adjusting the POI marker maybe just a bit, slowing the speed down, and changing the rotation rates, it’s fairly common. 

    Good luck, Mike.........


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