Autel EVO II Series - Support Overview and Limitations

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Learn about support for the Autel EVO II Series and the limitations. 

A Elite, Starter or Growth plan are required.

Drone Support

Supported: Autel EVO II 8k, Autel EVO Pro 6k

Not Supported: EVO II Dual 640T

Not Tested: EVO II Enterprise, EVO II RTK but may have partial support. RTK menu, or additional payload control will not function, drone may fly autonomous missions successfully however they have not been tested by Dronelink.

Controller Support

Supported: V1 and V2 Remote Controllers

Not Supported: Smart Controller 

iOS Mobile App Only

Only the iOS Dronelink Mobile App supports the Autel EVO II.

Android is not supported currently.

Remote Controller Stick Inputs During Autonomous Missions

During autonomous flight, stick inputs on the remote controller are enabled. Attempting to use the sticks during an autonomous mission will result in erratic and unsafe behavior. Pause the autonomous mission before using the RC sticks.

Required Flight Control Settings

The following flight control settings are required for successful autonomous flight.

Set these in the Autel Explorer App.

Disable Ascent and Descent Speed Limits

Disable both Ascent and Descent Speed Limits in the Flight Controller Settings


Required EXP and Sensitivity Values

Ensure EXP and Sensitivity values match those in the following screenshots.



Supported Camera Commands / Settings

The following camera and gimbal commands and settings on the flight dashboard are supported.

All other camera and gimbal commands will fail, whether set using the flight dashboard, or using commands within a mission plan.

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