Waypoints Mission Component - Intro

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The Waypoints mission component (previously Path) includes multiple waypoints connected by a path on which various actions can take place, such as altitude and speed changes, starting and stopping video or photo capture, focusing on a point of interest and more.



Step 1 - Add Waypoints from 'Create Menu'

Select the Create Menu, or right click / long press on the map, and select Waypoints.

Place the Waypoints template mission on the map.

The Waypoints template mission accessed from the Create menu is the best starting point. The mission flies from Waypoints A to C focusing the camera on Point of Interest (POI) A and captures video automatically. The default speed is 16km/h (10mph) and the drone climbs from 30m (100ft) to 34m (110ft) as set by the pink Path Action before Waypoint C.





Step 1.1 - Add Waypoints from 'Add Menu'

Select Waypoints from the Add menu, right click / long press the map, or select Add and pick a location on the map. A simpler Waypoints mission is placed.

The mission flies from Waypoints A to C in the straight line at 1 altitude of 30m (100ft) at 16km/h (10mph). There is no POI or automatic capture.





Step 2 - Change the Flight Path Shape

Drag existing waypoints, or select the (+) button to add new waypoints and change the flight path.


Move the Entire Waypoints Mission

Select and drag the green Waypoints Mission Component to move the entire mission.



Step 3 - Adding Waypoint and Path Actions

Actions can be done at Waypoints or anywhere along the path at Path Actions. Select the Waypoint or Path Action to configure the actions you want to perform. The Action Menu will pop up where you can view and edit current actions, and set new ones.


Path Actions are useful when you want to do an action without having to add a new waypoint and change the path shape. It is easy to move a Path action around the entire flight path.


Open the Advanced menu to see additional actions and settings.



Changing Altitude and Speed

Click on the Waypoint or Path Action and select the parameter you want to edit.

Here we change the altitude and speed for Waypoint C and altitude and location of Path Action 1.



Add a New Path Action

Right click / press hold on or near the flight path to add a new Path Action from the Waypoints Elements Menu. Selecting Point of Interest will automatically add a Path action and a POI linked to it.




Automatic Capture and Camera Actions

Automatic Capture turns on video recording or continuous interval photos for the entire length of a Waypoint mission, starting at Waypoint A, and ending at the last Waypoint. Automatic Capture set to Video is the default setting on the Waypoints Mission Template. It can be turned off, or configured to record continuous photos instead.

Learn more about Automatic Capture 



Camera Actions can be added on Waypoints and Path Actions, and will disable Automatic Capture. There are 2 types of Camera Actions, click the links to learn more.

  • While Moving: perform the action without any changes to drone motion - Learn More
  • Full Stop: change the flight path to stop the drone to perform the action - Learn More



Advanced Actions (Heading, Orbit, Hover)

Opening the advanced menu on a waypoint or path action displays more options. Add a specific drone heading instead of using a POI, or add an Orbit or Hover mission component, which will split the Waypoints mission into 2 parts.

Learn more about Adding Advanced Actions



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