Expert Mapping - Terrain Follow, Heading, Capture Speed and More

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Learn more about Expert Mapping features available in Starter and Growth business plans.

These include enabling terrain follow, changing the capture speed, photo type, using multiple cameras, and doing distance based spacing (instead of overlaps). 

These features are useful for mapping in mountainous areas, improving the quality of your maps, multi-payload mapping, and solar farm mapping.

Some Expert Mapping features require using the Mission Planner in Expert Mode.

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Expert Mapping Features by Plan




Terrain Follow

Enable terrain follow in map missions to have Dronelink automatically adjust the map mission to use a constant altitude above ground level (AGL).

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Drone Heading

Customize the mapping drone heading from the default Forward setting, which keeps the drone always pointed forward along the flight path, to a custom heading relative to the flight path or North.

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Photo Type

With Distance Capture Priority enabled, change the Photo Type. 

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Multiple Camera Support

In Expert Mode, configure settings for multiple cameras and payloads, including setting pitch and using commands to target a specific channel.

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Distance-Based or Camera Overlaps Image Spacing

Choose between Camera Overlaps (default) or Distance based spacing for mapping. This allows you to configure the exact distances between images and rows, instead of using the camera type and overlap values.

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Capture Speed

With Distance Capture Priority enabled, set a drone capture speed, this can be used to slow down the drone to take higher quality photos.

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