Changing Map Tracking Options During Flight or in Plan Settings - Enable Follow

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Choose between several map tracking options, including Follow and Follow North, that keep the drone centered. Change options during flight, or configure a default for your mission plans.

Current Map Tracking Options:

  • Basic (None): Does not follow drone, allows zooming, default setting
  • Follow: Keeps drone centered and follow path, shows compass, no zooming
  • Follow North: Keeps drone centered relative to North, no zooming

Access Map Options from Gear Icon on Map Preview 

Select the gear icon to open Map Options.



Follow options keep the drone centered, but do not allow zooming.

Follow (North Up)




Configure Default Map Options in Plan Settings

It is possible to configure a default setting to be used in the Mission Plan Settings. This will be the default setting when a pilot loads a mission, although they can still change it during flight.

Step 1 - Open Advanced Plan Settings

Step 2 - Select Add User Interface Settings


Step 3 - Set the Default Map Tracking Option




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