Changing Map Tracking Options During Flight or in Plan Settings - Enable Follow

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Choose between several map tracking options, including Follow and Follow North, that keep the drone centered. Change options during flight, or configure a default for your mission plans.

Current Map Tracking Options:

  • Basic (None): Does not follow drone, allows zooming, default setting
  • Follow: Keeps drone centered and follow path, shows compass, no zooming
  • Follow North: Keeps drone centered relative to North, no zooming

Changing in Mobile App

Step 1 - Access Map Options from Gear Icon on Map Preview 

In the mobile app, when running a mission, select the gear icon. 




Step 2 - Select From Map Options

Follow options keep the drone centered, but do not allow zooming.




Follow (North Up)



S Drone



Configure Default in Plan Settings

It is possible to configure a default setting to be used in the Plan Settings

Step 1 - Open Advanced Plan Settings

Step 2 - Select Add User Interface Settings


Step 3 - Set the Default Map Tracking Option




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