Time or Distance Capture Priority and Custom Photo Types for Maps and Facades

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The Capture Priority setting determines how photos are triggered in mapping and facade missions.

The 2 options are:

  • Time based capture priority, which utilizes intervalometer mode to set a camera to trigger based on time (such as every 2 seconds) 
  • Distance based capture priority (default setting), which triggers the camera once the drone reaches a specific position. This provides various advantages, such as higher accuracy overlaps in varying wind conditions, configuring the photo type (such as enabling 48MP mapping), and slowing down the drone to take higher quality photos.




All accounts with maps and facades use Distance capture priority by default. Distance capture priority is available for the Elite Hobbyist plan maps; however additional advanced configuration settings, such as Photo Type are only limited to the Growth plan.


Time Capture Priority

Using Time priority, the drone takes photos every 2s or whatever the specified min capture interval time is. Dronelink will adjust the flight speed to achieve the required overlaps, this speed stays consistent during the flight




All Time Capture Priority missions will overshoot the boundary of the capture area in order to allow the drone to achieve a specific speed before starting the intervalometer. You can see this on the map flight path and notice the start and stop camera commands being issued in the Mission Preview.




Mission Estimate 2s and 3s Capture Interval

Notice the flight speed change in order to maintain the required overlap based on the camera interval time set.

mceclip4.png   mceclip5.png


Distance Capture Priority

Distance Capture priority triggers the camera at specific locations in the mission and does not use intervalometer mode. This allows for changing the photo type as well as the speed at which the data is captured. It is possible to stop the drone at each photo using this option.




Distance Capture Priority missions do not overshoot the capture boundary and trigger the camera for each and every photo as seen in the Mission Preview.




Notice that the drone slows down to take each photo to our desired capture speed; which greatly helps reduce rolling shutter issues when imaging at a low sample distance.




Mission Estimate for Distance Capture Priority 

Lowering the capture speed will greatly increase your mission length. Using the same map and overlap settings as in the above example, notice the total time for this mission.




Additionally, you can select between multiple Photo Types; ensure the drone you will be using supports the photo type you select as Dronelink does not validate this. High Resolution can be enabled on the MA2 to get 48MP photos.




Facade with Distance Capture Priority

Setting the capture speed close to 0 in this Facade mission will cause the drone to stop to take the required photo. This is useful when you are flying close to a subject. Dronelink recommends using Adaptive Flight Offsets for this type of mission.





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