Camera Overlaps or Distance Image Spacing for Maps and Facades

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Within the mapping and facade components, it is possible to change from the default Camera Overlaps spacing, to Distance based spacing.

Instead of calculating the image locations based on specific overlaps, imaging distance and camera, Distance Spacing allows you to set specific values.

It is possible to switch between the 2 strategies during planning to achieve a specific camera overlap and distance spacing, which is useful for setting row distance in solar farm inspections.


Within the Map and Facade components, open the advanced menu to see all options and select either Camera Overlaps or Distance under the Spacing dropdown menu.






Camera Overlaps

Image placement is calculated based on the camera sensor size, overlap values, and altitude or target distance.


  mceclip3.png   mceclip2.png



Image placement is specified exactly based on the distance specified.


mceclip4.png   mceclip5.png





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