Camera Overlaps or Distance Image Spacing

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Control the image spacing in both Map and Facade mission components. Choose between Camera Overlap (default) and Distance Spacing.

Camera Overlaps is the default option. Using the Front and Side overlaps values, and the camera being used, the fight path is automatically calculated.

Distance Overlaps allows a user to set specific values for the front and side distance between photos. The option to set a camera is not provided, and no ground sample distance value is displayed.

With the Mission Planner set to Expert Mode, and the Advanced Menu open, set the Spacing setting.




Camera Overlaps

Image placement is calculated based on the camera sensor size, overlap values, and altitude or target distance.



Image placement is specified exactly based on the distance specified.


During Mission Planning, it is possible to switch between the 2 strategies to achieve a specific camera overlap and distance spacing, which is useful for setting row distance in solar farm inspections, instead of using side overlap values.






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