Manual Gimbal Pitch Override / Control

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All Dronelink virtual stick missions, and all supported drones, allow a manual gimbal override during mission execution, where a pilot can manually adjust the gimbal wheel on the remote controller to change the gimbal angle.

No setting is required to enable this functionality.

If the mission is paused and resumed, or after a batter swap, the last set gimbal angle will be used.

Any automated gimbal command that is issued will override the manually set gimbal angle.

Different components will exhibit different behavior as defined below:

  • Map Component: gimbal angle set at start only
  • Facade Component: gimbal angle set at start only
  • Destination: gimbal angle to -12 degrees
  • Waypoints: gimbal angle set continuously during flight
  • Orbit: gimbal angle at start only
  • Inspection: gimbal angle set before each photo

To turn on the gimbal angle indicator on the Modern Flight Dashboard, open the 


It is only displayed on iOS for the Classic Dashboard



Changing gimbal angle during a map mission

See the gimbal angle change as a user increases the gimbal from -90 degrees as set in the mission plan to a custom gimbal angle.




Resuming to Previously Set Gimbal Angle in Map Mission

Dronelink will resume this mission to the previously set custom gimbal angle, the mission was paused at a -73 degree gimbal angle.





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