Hybrid Payloads - Switching Video Stream Sources - H20, H20T, M2EA

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Hybrid payloads from DJI include the H20, H20T and the built in payload on the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (M2EA). These payloads have multiple sensors which the user can switch between in the Dronelink mobile app. 

Both sensors are triggered simultaneously by Dronelink, just the same as being triggering manually on the remote controller.

A new Video Stream Source button is now available when a compatible drone is connected. It shows up above the camera controls on the right side of the Flight Dashboard.

The Classic Flight Dashboard is required. Learn how to switch to the Classic Dashboard.



The Video Steam Source button opens a menu to switch between the available lenses for the connected device.

Select the video stream source to show the desired video preview.

Below is a preview of the various options.


Video Stream Source Menu on M300RTK - External iOS Device


Video Steam Source Menu on M2EA - Smart Controller



Wide - H20T



Zoom - H20T



Thermal - H20T



Visible - M2EA


Thermal - M2EA


Side-by-side - M2EA




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