November 2021 - Product Updates

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The Dronelink team continues to perform product updates; improving usability, adding new features, implementing user feedback, updating to DJI's latest SDKs, and fixing bugs. This list summarizes some of the updates released over the past several months, business only updates further below. Click on titles or images to learn more.


 Simpler Home Page with Filters

Quickly find your mission plans, recent flights and more with search and filters



Create Missions with Templates

Simpler mission creation workflow, including waypoint, orbit, map template missions



Onboard Waypoint Support

Run missions onboard with DJI Waypoints, convert virtual stick missions to onboard




Save Recent Missions as Plans

Save recent flights as a new mission plan and edit. Great for on-the-fly functions



Copy and Edit Public Missions

Easier to copy a public mission plan into a new location and start editing



Mission History to Re-Run Flights

Re-run recent missions in the mobile app from the flight history menu 





Join Leaderboard Engage Top Users

 View and learn from top users around the world and rank based on flight minutes



Explore Public Missions 

View public missions from around the world and collaborate



 Manage Account  Notifications

Control account email notifications to get notified of various account activity



Create and Edit in Mobile App

Use the web mission planner directly in the mobile app to edit or create plans 



Altitude Indicators for Mission Planning

Quickly see altitude changes for safer mission planning directly on the map 



Gimbal Angle Indicator

View gimbal angle indicator in HUD next to ISO. (iOS only) Great for configuring on-the-fly missions






Business Plans Only

Scale Operations with Tasks

Send missions to external pilots, manage access, and track with Task dashboard.



Convert to Inspection Mission

Convert any mission into an inspection mission which stops the drone at each point


Preview Facade Parameters

View facade mission parameters to understanding camera pose spacing




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