Offline Support - Download Missions for Offline Use in Dronelink Mobile App

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It's possible to download a mission for offline use in the Dronelink mobile app. Not all locations have good cell service. Download the missions while in good connectivity if you believe your mission location will have limited service.

Below we cover the basics of downloading a mission for offline use:


Step 1 - Open Mission Menu while Online in Mobile App

Open the menu for the mission you want to download:


Step 2 - Select Download for Offline


A verification message will display at the bottom of the app.



Step 3 - Open the Plan while Offline and Fly


Map preview is unlikely to load.


When Offline, the following behavior will occur:

The Create (+) icon will show a no connection icon. You will no longer be able Create new mission plans, or download plans.



When you attempt to download a plan, you will see the following message


If you try to open a plan that has not been downloaded and you are offline, you will see the following message:






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