Mission Planning Starting with a Map Template

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Create a mission plan on the web starting from a map mission template, and fly it using the mobile app. The Map mission template uses the Map component.

Watch this video on how to get started with a map mission template, preview the mission in 3D, and execute it in the field. This video also covers setting up terrain follow and a take-off restriction zone.

Main steps are summarized below.



Step 1 - Navigate your Account at app.dronelink.com, Login, and select Create



Step 2 - Select the Map Mission Template



Step 3 - Select the Location to Place the Template




Step 4 - Basic Mission Editing

In the video we adjust the shape of the map boundary by selecting the "+" icon, change the direction of flight using the Green Destination pin.


Update the map camera settings for the Mavic Air 2 drone field of view in order to adhere to the desired sample distance and overlaps.


And give the plan a name.



Step 5 - Open App, Mission and Connect Drone


Step 5 - Mobile App 3D Preview and Mission Estimates

Open the 3D preview in the mobile app, by selecting the 3D Preview from the mission menu on the Plans page.



Or by selecting the mission card after opening a mission to show the 3D Preview button




Pinch, zoom and pan to rotate the 3D model to check for safety and understand the mission plan



Select Mission Estimates within the 3D preview to get an estimate on mission length, or image count.



Step 6 - Select Start to Fly Mission






Mission Resuming for Battery Swap or Paused Mission

A core feature of Dronelink, at any point it is possible to Pause the mission and resume, often a mission is automatically paused for a battery swap. After changing the battery, take-off and resume the mission. A purple line will show the resume path on the map.




Editing a Mission in Mobile App - Enabling Terrain Follow and Take-off Restriction

Select Edit Plan from the Mission Menu on the Plan page




You may be required to Login again.

Just like the web app, select the Map component and adjust the Altitude Reference from Takeoff Location to Ground Level to enable Terrain Follow.



Select the Plan Settings to add a Takeoff Restriction. This is important for safety and highly recommended.



Drag the boundary of the takeoff restriction to adjust the required take off area.




Preview the mission in 3D.



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