Getting Started with a Mapping Mission

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Learn how to use Dronelink for Mapping. Start by creating a mission plan using the map template, make some edits, preview it in 3D before flight, and then fly it with the mobile app.

Watch the video first, and review the main steps summarized below.


Step 1 - Open the Create Menu and Select Map

Here we log-in to our account using a laptop at

You can also select the Create menu and mission plan directly in the mobile app.




Step 2 - Select a Location to Place the Map Mission




Step 3 - Edit Map Boundary, Direction, Starting Location

Move the entire map, and edit the boundary points to define the mapping area. Then change the mapping direction, and adjust the take-off location and starting point.

Drag existing or add new boundary points to set the mapping area.


Change the map direction


Move the take-off location and Map Start pin.



Step 4 - Open Settings to Set Altitude and Drone Camera

Open the Map Settings by selecting the green Map icon on the map, or the Map mission component from the list and edit the Basic settings which are the Drone Camera and Altitude.


Select the drone camera you are using from the list, and specify the altitude you want to fly the mission at. The default map overlap values will work for most use cases.



Step 5 - Edit Advanced Settings

Select Advanced to open more settings, such as the front and side overlap, change from standard to grid flight pattern, adjust the gimbal pitch and more.




Step 6 - Preview the Mission Before Flight

Use various tools such as the 3D Preview, Mission Preview or Mission Estimate before flight to understand what will happen in the field.


3D Planner and Virtual Drone


Mission Preview


Mission Estimate


Step 7 - Name the Mission

Click on the Mission Plan Name to open the Plan Settings and give your mission a name.



Step 8 - Open the Mission Plan in the Dronelink App and Connect Drone

With the app open, and drone powered on, connect the the mobile device to the controller and see the drone connected on the top right.

Select the Mission Plan name to open it.


The flight dashboard will open showing the drone camera view and the mission plan flight path in the map preview. 



Step 9 - Select Start to Fly Mission

Take off manually or select start from the ground and Dronelink will take over and begin flying the mission and taking photos automatically. 



Allow Dronelink to keep flying the mission until Mission Accomplished message is displayed



Mission Resuming for Battery Swap or Paused Mission

At any point it is possible to Pause the mission and resume from where you left off. This is used for battery swaps as well. 

After changing the battery, or pausing the mission. Select Play again.

A purple line will show the resume path on the map.





More In-App Options - Edit Plan, 3D Preview, Verification Mission, Offline Download

Select the (...) next to the mission plan in the mobile app to open additional settings, including:

Edit Plan - Open the plan to make changes

3D Preview - Quickly access the 3D preview 

Verification Mission - Fly the mission with the drone camera pointed forward to check for obstacles 

Download for Offline - Download the mission for use outside of any cell data




Enable Terrain Follow

For Starter and Growth plans only, enable terrain follow in the Advanced Menu.

Next to Altitude, set the Altitude Reference to be "Terrain Follow - AGL (Above Ground Level)"



Keep Learning More

To continue learning more about mapping missions, see the Map Mission Component Tutorials here.



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