Getting Started with a Waypoints Mission

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Learn how to use Dronelink for Waypoint missions. Start by creating a mission plan from a waypoints mission template, make some edits, preview it in 3D before flight, and fly it using the mobile app.

Watch the video first and review the main steps summarized below.


Step 1 - Open the Create Menu and Select the Waypoints Mission Template




Step 2 - Select a Location to Place the Waypoint Template Mission


The template Waypoints missions has 3 waypoints (A, B, and C) that define the flight path. Waypoint A set the camera to focus on the point of interest A, and the Path Action "1" changes the altitude to 110 ft. Video is captured automatically.



Step 3 - Edit Flight Path

Adjust the flight path by dragging the Waypoints or Add new Waypoints by selecting the "+" button.



Step 4 - Set Actions at Waypoints or at Path Actions

Perform actions at a specific Waypoint, or along the path with Path Actions (purple circle). Actions include: setting the altitude, speed, focusing on a POI, and much more.

Click a Waypoint or Path Action to open the menu, and edit a parameter by selecting it.

Learn More about Waypoint and Path Actions.



Step 5 - Preview the Mission Before Flight

Use various tools such as the 3D Preview, Mission Preview or Mission Estimate before flight to understand what will happen in the field.




Step 6 - Name the Mission

Click on the Mission Plan Name to open the Plan Settings and give your mission a name.



Step 7 - Fly Mission in the Dronelink Mobile App

Login to your account in the Dronelink mobile app, and connect your drone, which will show up on the top right.

Select the Mission Plan to open it, and select Play to start the mission. Mission Plans are automatically synchronized across devices.






Keep Learning More

To continue learning more about waypoint missions, see the Waypoint Mission Component Tutorials here.




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