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Collaboration is the key to true innovation. Dronelink provides multiple collaboration workflows depending on your team structure, privacy requirements, and desired synchronization strategy (real-time or asynchronous).

Team real-time

Team collaboration is automatically enabled for team members in a single account. If two or more team members open the same mission plan or component, they will see the latest changes in real-time across all browsers. Changes are synchronized automatically and near instantaneously (typically within milliseconds).

Shares real-time

Shares enable real-time collaboration through shareable links. A mission planner can create one or more shareable links that give anyone with knowledge of a link access to a specific plan or component. A shareable link grants either viewer or contributor access, and anyone accessing a link will see the latest changes in real-time across all browsers, just like in team sharing.


Included Components asynchronous

Included components enable asynchronous collaboration through repositories. Save any component into a repository and then include that component into a mission plan (or another component for chaining, see below). Dronelink automatically maintains a reference to the original component and notifies you when updates are available. You can accept (or reject) the updates, just like a pull request. Accepted updates result in a new version in case you need to rollback.

It is possible to create a chain of components by including a component that already includes other components. Dronelink automatically maintains all the references and allows updates to flow through the entire chain. Chaining is powerful, but be careful when architecting included component chains as it is possible to unintentionally propagate changes, particularly with large components. We recommend keeping components small and modular. This allows down-stream users the most flexibility when deciding to accept or reject changes.

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