Feb 2024 - Product Updates - Mini 3 + RC-N1 Full Support, Obstacle Avoidance

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Mini 3 + RC-N1 Full Support

Mini 3 / Mini 3 Pro with the RC-N1 and a Android mobile device is now fully supported.

mini 3 rcn1.png

Obstacle Avoidance Supported

Obstacle avoidance is supported on the latest drone firmware for MSDKv5 drones.

obstacle avoidance.png

Obstacle Avoidance Commands

Use commands to enable obstacle avoidance, set mode, and brake/avoid distances.

obstalce commands.png


Additional Updates

  • DJI Smart Controller Live Video Feed Issue Fixed
  • Flight Dashboard shows No Network indicator when not connected
  • Select RTK indicator on Flight Dashboard to open RTK settings
  • Delete a whole repository and all missions within the repository


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