Obstacle Avoidance Support and Commands

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The latest DJI firmware for MSDKv5 drones (such as the Mavic 3 Enterprise) addressed issues with the obstacle avoidance system running during Dronelink missions. Make sure to update the drones firmware. Earlier versions of the drone firmware did not support obstacle avoidance.


Obstacle Avoidance Commands are now available to set within Dronelink missions.

Turn on obstacle avoidance, set the mode, set warning and brake distances using commands. This functionality only supports MSDKv5 drones that have obstacle avoidance, such the the Mavic 3 Enterprise.

Check the DJI app for what obstacle avoidance directions are available, including the specific brake and warning values that can be set. These exact values must be used in Dronelink, such as 3.6ft for a brake distance.



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