Mapping Missions - Create a Map Mission starting from a Template

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Learn how to create a simple mapping mission plan from a template using the Mission Planner, edit key settings, and preview it in 3D before flying it in the field.



In the video, use the Create menu in the Dronelink Mission Planner to create a mapping mission. Edit the map boundary, starting point, configure the camera, altitude and camera overlap settings. View how to edit advanced settings, including flying a grid crosshatch map with oblique gimbal pitch, or enabling terrain follow.

Before flying the mission, preview the mission in 3D, review the mission estimate including the flight time, and photo count, and fly the mission with a virtual drone using the mission preview. Open the map mission in the Dronelink app and fly it. Pause and resume the mission at any point, or after battery swap.


Learn more about the Mapping Mission Component here.

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