Picking the Right Dronelink Plan, Signing Up and Logging In to the Web and Mobile App

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To use Dronelink, a login and plan is needed. There are several options. Once logged in, we are ready to start flying.




Learn how to select a Dronelink plan for your needs, signup for a user profile, and login in to both the web application and mobile app to explore the basic user interface.

Check that your drone and device is supported using the previous video.

Visit dronelink.com/pricing to see available plans and prices. Buying from this page has benefits such as regional pricing discounts, annual plan discounts, ability to upgrade plans more easily, and manage billing info.

In the video, see the workflow for selecting a plan, registering a user profile, paying for the plan, logging in to the web and mobile apps, confirming the email, accessing the manage billing page, and reviewing the basics of the user interface when first logging in.

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