Zoom Controls

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Control zoom manually in the Flight Dashboard, or use automated commands in missions.

Zoom controls and commands are only supported on drones and cameras that have zoom capabilities. Check the spec sheet or DJI app for your drone camera. If you don't see any zoom controls in the DJI app, you know it will not support zoom for those settings.


Using Zoom Controls in the Flight Dashboard

Step 1 - Set the drone to zoom supported settings

Zoom is only supported on certain drones, camera lenses, and camera settings. Some drones only support zoom in video mode.

1 - change camera lens.png


Step 2 - Enable Zoom Controls in Flight Dashboard Setting

2 - enable zoom controls.png


Step 3 - Using Zoom

The zoom range will display on the slider.

Optical zoom will show in blue. Digital zoom will show in purple.

4 - zoom 1x optical.png

5 zoom 14 x not faded.png


Zoom Commands

Zoom commands can be used within a mission. The camera must be set to the specific settings that allow zoom.

8 - zoom commands.png

There are 2 different zoom command types that depend on the drone / camera and camera settings.

    • Camera Zoom Ratio - use this command if you can only set the zoom in DJI apps by selecting 1x, 2x, 4x, etc. Only supported values are accepted per each drones / cameras capabilities.
    • Camera Zoom Percent - if you see a slider in the DJI app, you can set any percentage.

Known Zoom Limitations

  • Mini 2 on Android is not supported
  • Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro are not supported


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