Drone Flight Control Workflows - Pre-Plan Missions, Generate On-the-Fly, or Run Flight Modes

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Choose between multiple drone flight control workflows depending on your needs and automation preference.

Choose between 3 options:


Pre-Plan Missions in the Mission Planner

Mission plan on a map, using a desktop or in the mobile app using a powerful mission planner. Build missions starting with templates or examples, import KMLs, and preview missions before flying them in the mobile app. Learn more.




Generate Missions On-the-Fly

Follow in-app instructions and fly the drone manually to mark various locations and altitudes that will be used to generate a mission. Choose between a variety of workflows and mission types. Learn more.




Run Flight Modes

Run hybrid manual / automated flight workflows where the pilot can adjust behavior in real-time using the RC sticks, and pause / start the mode at any point. Follow in-app instructions to setup the flight mode using the drones position as inputs. Learn more.



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