RTK - Setup RTK for M3E - Network RTK

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Setup RTK connection in the Dronelink App Flight Dashboard, and monitor the RTK connection.

Toggle RTK on and off in the flight dashboard, setup Custom Network RTK and D-RTK2 Mobile Stations and monitor connection status. Learn how to setup RTK below.

You can also toggle on and off RTK, and make changes, with RTK commands in a mission plan.

D-RTK2 is not officially supported. No additional information will be displayed then what is shown below for the Network RTK.

Supported Drones: M3E

Not Tested Drones / Beta: M300RTK, M30

For legacy drones with RTK: P4PRTK, M210RTK - See this article to setup RTK





Step 1 - Open RTK Menu from Drone Settings Menu in Flight Dashboard



Step 2 - Select Custom RTK or D-RTK2 Mobile Station



Step 3 - Input Network RTK Service Details and Select Start Transferring

Input, NTRIP host, Port, username, password, and mountpoint details.

You must be connected to the network to establish a connection.




Step 4 - View RTK Connection Status and Flight Status

When the RTK connection is established and fully connected, all indicators will show green, along with the RTK under the satellite indicator.





If the RTK Positioning Status shows: Single Point or Float, the drone will not be able to take-off until Fixed Point is displayed, or RTK is disabled. 






The drone flight status will update based on the RTK connection. If you cannot establish a good enough connection, then you should disable RTK.



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