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Let's learn to explore public missions plans, components, and functions. These are accessible from public repositories, some of which have been curated by Dronelink.

After you are done exploring, learn to copy missions to new locations within your account here.


Repository: A folder with access permissions. Dronelink repositories are used to organize mission plans, components and more. Repositories are set to public access by default, making the plans within them public.


Step 1  -  Open Public Repositories Webpage

Access Without an Account

You can explore public missions without an account.

Follow this link or click on the screenshot below to open the Explore Public Repositories page




Access Through your Account

On your account landing page, Select Explore from the Hamburger Menu




Step 2  -  Open a Public Dronelink Repository 

Select a Repository from Dronelink, in this case we will scroll down and open Example Plans from Dronelink


You can also filter by Repositories with the most Stars


Step 3 -  Open a Mission Plan

Once in the Example Plans Repository, you can Select a Plan from the list on the left, or select a Purple pin from the map


The plan will open


Learn how to copy a public mission plan into a new location within your account here.


Step 4 - Open Any Public Mission from a Public Repository

On the Explore page, zoom in to your area of interest or a cluster on the map, and select the purple dot to see the public repository name and number of plans within it. 

Select the repository name to open and access the mission plans within it:





Beyond the Basics

Learn how to explore public components to use within your missions, or public functions.


Step 5  -  Explore and Open Public Components

Components are parts of a mission that can be easily reused between missions plans.

Some Public Repositories only have components, such as the Dronelink Flight Paths repository.

Learn about understanding a waypoint mission and components by reading Breaking Down a Multi Component Waypoint Mission






Step 6  -  Access Public Repository Components when Mission Planning

During your mission planning, it is possible to add a New Component from public repositories to a mission plan.

You can Select to Include from a Repository.



Select Show all from Dronelink

Select a public component from the list to add into your mission plan


Or scroll down and Select Explore Pubic Repositories to find more.




Step 7  - Access Public Repository Functions

Functions are missions that can be generated on-the-fly functions, where a step-by-step wizard walks you through setting up the mission directly in the Dronelink mobile app at the location you are at, with no web app mission planning required.

Some Public Repositories only have functions, such as the Dronelink On-the-fly repository. Some functions are included in your account by default. Advanced users can customize and create their own functions.

Get starting by using a On-the-fly Path Mission or test one with a simulated drone in the web app.











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