Explore Public Missions

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Explore public missions plans from Dronelink and from users around the world.

Click on a mission plan to open it.

You can explore public missions without an account.

Found a mission plan you like? Learn to copy mission plans to your location and start making them your own.


Example Mission Plans from Dronelink

Explore popular and useful missions curated by Dronelink.

Click here to start exploring.

Mission plans include:

  • Mapping with site boundary photos, grid pattern mapping with terrain follow
  • Waypoints to capture video along coastlines, mountains, and multiple points of interest
  • Multiple panoramas, orbit and dronie flyaway video

Click on a plan from the list or on the map to open it.


Once clicked the mission plan will open. Select Start Editing to Copy to a New Location. Learn More.



Open the Example Plans from the Create Menu.





Missions at Famous Landmarks from Dronelink

Explore and preview missions in 3D around famous landmarks around the world.

Click here to start exploring.



Public Mission Plans from Users

Explore public missions from users around the world.

Learn below how to open mission plans from a public repository.

Click here to start exploring.



Step 1 - Select a Purple Circle on the Map and Open the Repository 

To open a public mission, first zoom in and select the purple circle on the map to open a users public repository.

Select the repository name to open and access the mission plans within it:


Repository: A folder with access permissions. Dronelink repositories are used to organize mission plans, components and more. Repositories are set to public access by default, making the plans within them public.


Step 2 - Select the Mission Plan to Open It

Select the mission plan from the list or on the map to open it.

A single repository may have multiple folders within it.



Explore Mission Components from Dronelink

Mission Components are building blocks of a mission that can be easily reused between multiple missions plans. It is possible to make your own mission component, or use public ones.

Click here to start exploring.

Learn how to use your own or a public mission component in your mission planning.



Access Explore Menu from Your Account

You can access all the above directly from within your Dronelink account.

On your account main page, Select Explore from the Hamburger Menu



Open one of the public repositories from Dronelink or navigate to a public repository from users on the map.



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