Download and Install the Correct Dronelink App

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There are multiple versions of the Dronelink app depending on the drone and mobile devices you are using. Watch this video to learn more and use the links below to check if your drone is supported and to get the correct app version.


Use to check if your drone is supported

Use to install the correct app for your hardware.


In this video, learn how to download and install the correct Dronelink app for your device, and get your drone connected. No login or paid account is required. Before creating an account and buying a plan, which is shown in the next video, you can test to see if your drone and device combination is supported.

See how to download the app from an app store and from Dronelink directly using an APK, accept the required app permissions, force close the DJI app to prevent it from interfering, connect the drone to view the Dronelink Flight Dashboard, and test for good device performance using a confetti test.

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