Quick Start Series - First Flights Videos and Introduction

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The Quick Start Series is designed to get you flying as soon as possible and will build a base of knowledge in Dronelink from which you can continue your journey and explore more advanced functionality.

The series covers multiple starting points for new users.

  1. On-the-fly Waypoint and Follow Missions
      • Use only the mobile app to quickly create a mission using a on-the-fly function (lightning bolt). See a waypoint path and follow function in action.
  2. Pre-Planned Waypoint Template Mission, Planning and Pre-Visualization Tools
      • Learn to Create a new mission plan starting with a simple waypoint path template in the web mission planner, preview it in 3D and fly it.
  3. Pre-Planned Mapping Template Mission, Resuming Missions, Terrain Follow and In-Field Editing
      • Start with a simple map path template, edit basic settings, preview and fly it. Perform a battery swap and mission resume. Make mission plan edits in the mobile app, and turn on terrain follow 
  4. Understanding, Copying and Editing an Existing Waypoint Mission
      • Break down a more advanced flight plan with multiple components, learn how to copy it into your account, make changes and fly it

Start by watching the following 3 First Flight videos, which are enough for most users to get started flying right away. Continue with the series to keep learning even more.


If you do not already have an account, sign up here, also check the system requirements to make sure are using supported hardware.



1 - On-The-Fly Waypoint Path and GPS Follow


2 - Waypoint Mission Planning, 3D Preview and Flight


3 - Mapping Mission Planning, 3D Preview and Flight


4 - Understanding, Copying and Editing an Existing Mission - The Quick Start Plan

Easily copy a public mission plan to a new location and make changes. The Quick Start Plan showcases some more advanced features, multiple components, and captures 3 different cinematic video clips. It takes under 9 minutes to fly. 


The Quick Start Plan (click to open)



See the resulting edited output:



There are 2 main different mission type in Dronelink:

  • On-the-fly Missions: Use the mobile app only to generate and fly a mission using the drone to mark key inputs. Fastest way to get started.

  • Mission Plans: Create a mission plan on the web, preview, edit, and fly with mobile app. Start with a template or copy an existing mission to your location and edit.


Info: During your exploration of Dronelink, you may be prompted to upgrade if you select a feature not included in your account. When you upgrade a hobbyist account, you only pay the price difference between the 2 plans. Learn about account upgrades here.



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