Getting Started Tutorials - Basics to Get Flying Fast

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Start flying autonomous missions as fast as possible by reviewing these videos and tutorials.

We recommend watching all 3 videos before flying your first mission!

The following videos and tutorials cover setting up and using the Dronelink mobile app, generating missions in the field using the drone, and pre-planning a Waypoints and Mapping mission, and previewing them in 3D before using the Dronelink mobile app to fly them autonomously in the field. 


If you do not already have an account, sign up here, also check the system requirements to make sure are using supported hardware.


1 - Dronelink App Setup and On-The-Fly Waypoint Path and GPS Follow


2 - Waypoint Mission Planning, 3D Preview and Flight


3 - Mapping Mission Planning, 3D Preview and Flight


4 - Start from an Example Mission Plan

Learn how to find an example missions plan, and easily copy it to a new location and make it your own.

Learn how to Explore Public Mission Plans

Learn how to Copy Mission Plans


5 - Keep Learning with More Resources

There are plenty of additional resources to keep learning. Learn more.


Info: During your exploration of Dronelink, you may be prompted to upgrade if you select a feature not included in your account. When you upgrade a hobbyist account, you only pay the price difference between the 2 plans. Learn about account upgrades here.



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