Getting Started Tutorials

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Get started by watching these 5 videos which guide you from installing, to using Dronelink successfully, so that you can get to flying autonomous missions as fast as possible. The basic concepts allow you to keep learning effectively with more articles, videos, and using the community. 


1 - Download and Install Dronelink App and Connect Drone


2 - Pick a Plan, Signup, and Login to the Web and Mobile App


3 - Mapping Missions Starting with a Template


4 - Waypoint Missions Starting with a Template


5 - On-the-Fly Waypoint Missions 


6 - Copy and Edit Public Example Mission Plans

Learn how to find an example missions plan, and easily copy the mission plan to a new location and  start editing to make it your own.

Learn how to Explore Public Mission Plans

Learn how to Copy Mission Plans


7 - Keep Learning with More Resources

There are plenty of additional resources to keep learning. Check them out here.


Info: During your exploration of Dronelink, you may be prompted to upgrade if you select a feature not included in your account. When you upgrade a hobbyist account, you only pay the price difference between the 2 plans. Learn about account upgrades here.



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