Follow Mode On-the-Fly - GPS follow with real-time inputs

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Learn how to use the Follow On-the-fly Mode. Fly the drone into position and start Follow mode, which tracks the GPS position of your mobile device, and allows you to optionally make other adjustments during flight.

Features Highlight

Beyond just doing GPS Follow, Dronelink offers a few unique features that make Follow Mode even more useful:

  • Adjust follow distance, altitude, orientation, and camera tilt using the remote controller real-time
  • Enable dynamic home point for RTH
  • Automatically change drone altitude over changing elevations

Step 1 - Select Follow from the On-the-fly menu

With a plugged in drone, navigate to On-the-Fly, and select Follow


Step 2 - Select Get Started and Take Off 

Select Get Started and fly the drone to your preferred starting follow location. Make sure to select a safe altitude well above all obstacles.




Step 3 - Optionally, Configure Follow Function Settings

Optionally enter additional settings to control RC input, set dynamic home point, track altitude during follow, and automatically start video.

It is possible to start and stop video during follow mode execution.


mceclip2.png  mceclip3.png mceclip4.png  mceclip5.png. mceclip6.png


Step 4 - Acknowledge the safety warning



Step 5 - Review Summary and Select Continue

Review the input summary, and select any step to make changes. Select Continue

mceclip17.png mceclip18.png


Step 6 - Select Start




Step 7 - Optionally Make Adjustments During Flight

Using the Map Preview

The map preview displays various useful information in follow mode.


  • Actual drone location and heading 
  • Projected drone location and heading (semi-transparent)
  • Mobile device location
  • Home point location


Adjusting Framing During Follow Mode

As you are being followed you can adjust the drones distance, rotation, altitude, and tilt with your remote controller. As this happens, the map preview shows the projected new location of the drone. The actual drone will move into this new location with a slight delay.

The faster your location is moving, the faster the drone will respond to inputs and moving to the new position.





Expand the Follow card to view additional details during execution


Summary of Follow configuration steps:

mceclip1.png   mceclip2.png  mceclip3.png

mceclip4.png  mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png


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