Orbit Mode On-the-Fly - Continuously fly orbits or arcs around a POI and adjust orbit real-time using the RC sticks

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Access the orbit mode from the on-the-fly missions in the Dronelink app to fly orbits (or arcs) continuously around a point of interest (POI), and adjust the altitude, radius, speed, yaw, direction, gimbal pitch real-time using the RC sticks. Or pause the mode, make adjustments, and then resume from the new position.

Use orbit mode for capturing interval photos of a tower, or vertical structure for reality modeling and photogrammetry. Or for capturing video for videography.



Step 1 - Open Orbit Mode

From the on-the-fly missions, select Orbit mode.



Step 2 - Select Get Started


Step 3 - Mark the Center Point (Point of Interest)

Once Mark is selected, the center point GPS coordinate will show above the instruction image. You can clear this by selecting delete, or update it by selecting Mark again.




Step 4 - Mark the Starting Point 

Fly to the desired radius and altitude, and select Mark. The selected altitude and radius will display. Select Mark again to adjust the altitude and radius.

These settings can also be changed when running the mode.




Step 5 - Advanced Settings, Enable RC Sticks, Initial Settings

Enable changing the altitude, radius, yaw, speed, direction, gimbal pitch while running the orbit mode. Select starting direction, speed, gimbal pitch, and data type to capture.








Step 6 - Review Summary and Select Continue



Step 7 - Select Start

Once started the orbit mode runs until you select pause, or the mission is interrupted with a low battery warning, or you switch into a different flight mode. You can pause and resume at any time.




Show Reticle, Extended Mission Details, Gimbal Pitch

Enable user interface settings to show useful indicators while running the orbit mode.

View changes to altitude, radius, gimbal pitch and yaw. 




Pause and Resume Orbit Mode

After pausing the orbit mode, you can make adjustments to the altitude, radius, and gimbal pitch, and then resume at the new location.

Unlike standard pre-planned Dronelink missions that resume at the last position, orbit mode will resume at the drones current location with updated settings.


Resuming at Changed Gimbal Angle

Important: You must make a change to the gimbal pitch while running the mode for the mode to resume at a new gimbal angle after being paused.

If you want to resume at the changed gimbal angle, instead of resuming at the initially set gimbal angle, you must make a change to the gimbal angle while running the mode.


Using the RC Sticks to Make Changes and Monitoring Changes 

When enabled, you can use the left stick, right stick and gimbal wheel to make adjustments real time.

Use the left stick to change altitude, and adjust yaw.

Use the right stick to change the drone position within the orbit, move the radius in and out, or adjust the speed and direction.

Open the mission details to see additional details about the speed and direction changes.

Move the right stick in the direction of rotation to increase the speed, or move it the opposite way to slow down and change direction. The drones horizontal speed value will change.




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