October 2022 - Product Updates - More Flight Dashboard Features / Time Saving Mission Planning Features

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In app version 4.1, the new Modern Flight Dashboard features allow pilots to have more camera controls and stay within the Dronelink app. 

New mission planning features make planning faster and easier.

Click on titles or images below to learn more about each feature.


Focus, Spot Meter, AE Lock, Histogram

Tap to focus / spot meter, manual focus, AE Lock and histogram.


Grid and Reticle Overlays

Enable grid and reticle overlays on the flight dashboard.


Permanently Hide Status Messages

Temporarily or permanently hide non-critical status messages.


Drone Offsets for Mobile Phones

Drone offsets and mission alignment are optimized for smaller screen sizes.


Add Menu Favorites for Planning

Favorite items with the star in the Add Menu for quick access during planning.


Keyboard Shortcut for Undo / Redo

Quickly undo/redo in mission planning with keyboard shortcuts.



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